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Terms of service


ARISUE SPICE (hereinafter referred to as "our company") defines the terms of use of the website "ARISUE SPICE" (hereinafter referred to as "this service") operated and managed by our company. After understanding and accepting all the contents of this agreement, search for contents such as images, texts, designs, logos, videos, programs, ideas, information provided by this service (hereinafter collectively referred to as "contents"). , Browsing or using (hereinafter referred to as "user"), use this service in accordance with this agreement.

Article 1 Scope and changes of the agreement

1. This agreement shall apply to all relationships related to the use of this service between the user and our company. If a problem occurs in violation of this article, it shall be resolved at the user's responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable at all.

2. Regarding this service, in addition to this agreement, we may make various provisions (hereinafter referred to as "individual provisions") such as rules for use. Regardless of their name, these individual provisions shall form part of this Agreement. If the provisions of this agreement contradict the provisions of the individual provisions in the preceding paragraph, the provisions of the individual provisions shall prevail unless otherwise specified in the individual provisions.

3. The Company will inform the fact that this agreement will be changed, the content of this agreement after the change, and the effective time thereof by posting on the site or by an appropriate method such as e-mail, and as appropriate, all of this agreement. Or part of it can be changed.

4. If the Company changes all or part of this agreement in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the changed agreement shall apply to the use of this service.

Article 2 Use of this service

The user shall agree in advance with laws, ordinances, rules, notifications, this agreement, individual provisions, and the privacy policy separately set by the Company.

Article 3 Suspension of use of this service

If a user falls under any of the following items, we may suspend the use of this service or take other measures that we deem appropriate.
(1) When it is found that the registered contents contain false matters

(2) In the past, for some services provided by the Company, there was a delay in fulfilling payment obligations such as fees, long-term inability to receive goods, refusal of returns or exchanges, or other defaults of obligations. If it turns out

(3) When it is found that the act of Article 10 (Prohibited matter) of this agreement has been performed in the past.

(4) Antisocial forces (gangsters, gangsters, those who have not been members of gangsters for less than 5 years, quasi-members of gangsters, companies related to gangsters, general assembly shops, etc. If you are a special intelligent violent group, or any other person equivalent to these), or if you commit an illegal act such as a violent act, fraudulent act / threatening act, or obstruction of business.

(5) In case of violating the provisions of other terms (including, but not limited to, this agreement) established by the Company

Article 4 Use of personal information

We will handle the personal information of users that we have learned in connection with the use of this service in accordance with the privacy policy separately established by us.

Article 5 User registration

1. In this service, the registration applicant agrees to this agreement, applies for usage registration by the method specified by the Company, and the Company notifies the registration applicant of the approval for this, and the usage registration is completed. will do.

2. The Company may not approve the application for use registration if it judges that the applicant for use registration has the following reasons, and shall not be obliged to disclose the reason.

(1) When false matters are reported when applying for usage registration
(2) When the application is from a person who has violated this agreement
(3) In addition, when we judge that the usage registration is not appropriate

Article 6 Account ID and password management

1. The user shall manage the account ID and password of this service at his / her own risk.

2. The user may not transfer or lend the account ID and password to a third party or share it with a third party under any circumstances. If the combination of account ID and password matches the registered information and you are logged in, we will consider it to be used by the user who has registered that account ID.

3. The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the use of the account ID and password by a third party, unless the Company has intentional or gross negligence.

Article 7 Sales contract

1. The user can purchase products etc. from our company by using this service. In this service, the sales contract shall be concluded when the user applies for the purchase to the Company and notifies the Company that the application has been accepted. In addition, the ownership of the product shall be transferred to the user when the payment of the price is completed.

2. The Company shall be able to cancel the sales contract set forth in the preceding paragraph without notifying the user in advance if the user falls under any of the following reasons.

(1) When the user violates this agreement
(2) When the credit card company designated by the user notifies that the credit card has not been fulfilled.
(3) If payment is suspended or insolvent, or if the bill or check is non-deliverable.
(4) When it is recognized that there is a risk that it will be difficult to fulfill the obligations under this agreement due to a significant change in the assets or credit status.
(5) When the product is out of stock and cannot be delivered easily
(6) When the delivery of the product is not completed due to unknown delivery address or long absence
(7) When the product is not received for a certain period specified by us
(8) When a minor purchases without the approval of a legal representative
(9) In addition, when it is recognized that the relationship of trust between the Company and the user has been impaired.

3. The payment method, delivery method, return method of purchase, etc. related to this service will be determined separately by the Company.

Article 8 Payment method

1. The payment amount of the product will be the amount equivalent to the total price of the product including consumption tax.

2. Payment for products purchased through this service shall be limited to payment by credit card in the name of the user (limited to card companies approved by the Company) or payment methods separately approved by the Company. ..

3. Payment by credit card is subject to the terms and conditions of the user's separate contract with the credit card company. If any dispute arises between the user and the credit card company in connection with the use of the credit card, the user and the credit card company shall be responsible for resolving the dispute.

Article 9 Intellectual property rights

1. Intellectual property rights such as copyrights related to the information provided on this site operated by the Company belong to the Company.

2. The user shall not use, copy, or screen these copyrighted works for any purpose other than personal use without permission. Regardless of the purpose, we may take legal action if we discover any unauthorized reproduction, reproduction or other acts prohibited by domestic and foreign copyright law. If a problem occurs in violation of this article, it shall be resolved at the user's responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable at all.

Article 10 Prohibitions

The user shall not do the following acts when using this service.
(1) Acts that violate laws and regulations or public order and morals
(2) Acts related to criminal acts
(3) Acts that infringe copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights included in this service
(4) Acts that destroy or interfere with the functions of our server or network
(5) Commercial use of information obtained by this service
(6) Acts that may interfere with the operation of our services
(7) Unauthorized access or attempting to do so
(8) Acts of collecting or accumulating personal information about other users
(9) Acts of pretending to be another user
(10) Acts that directly or indirectly provide benefits to antisocial forces in connection with our services
(11) Other acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 11 Usage restrictions and deregistration

In any of the following cases, the Company may restrict the use of all or part of this service to the user or cancel the registration as a user without prior notice. Suppose.
(1) If you violate any provision of this agreement
(2) When it is found that there is a false fact in the registered items
(3) When the credit card notified by the user as a payment method is suspended.
(4) When there is a default of payment obligations such as fees
(5) When there is no response to the contact from our company for a certain period of time
(6) When this service has not been used for a certain period of time since the last use
(7) In addition, when we judge that the use of this service is not appropriate
(8) The Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to the actions taken by the Company based on this article.

Article 12 Cancellation / interruption of this service

The Company shall be able to suspend or suspend the operation of this service in the following cases.
(1) When the maintenance of the system of this service is performed regularly or urgently.
(2) A third party who provides services that perform our payment processing, data analysis, email transmission, hosting service, customer service, etc. on our behalf, or a third party who supports our marketing will maintain the system. When it is performed regularly or urgently, and when the provision of the service is stopped or interrupted.
(3) When the service cannot be provided normally due to war, riots, mayhem, labor disputes, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis, fires, power outages and other emergencies.
(4) In addition, when the Company determines that temporary interruption is necessary for the operation of this service.

(5) When it becomes technically difficult or impossible to provide this service.

Article 13 Disclaimer

1. When we are obliged to notify the user, we will notify the user to the e-mail address registered in advance, and for the delivery of the product, when purchasing the product, the user By delivering the goods to the address specified by, we shall fulfill that obligation.

2. If you provide a link from this service to another website or resource, or a link from a third party's website or resource to this service, we will provide the content, use and results of that link. We do not take any responsibility for (including, but not limited to, legality, effectiveness, accuracy, certainty, safety, up-to-dateness and completeness). If we reasonably determine that the content of the linked website or resource is illegal or inappropriate for the management and operation of this service, we do not require any notification to the user. The link destination can be deleted.

3. Transactions with advertisers (including, but not limited to, sweepstakes advertisements) or advertising during this service (including, but not limited to, participation in promotions such as sweepstakes) ) (Hereinafter referred to as "advertising"), the user shall make a transaction with the advertiser at his / her own discretion and responsibility, and the Company shall not be liable for this. Suppose. We do not guarantee the contents and conditions related to transactions such as payment of the price of products related to advertising, determination of contract conditions, guarantee, collateral liability, existence of license, etc. We shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to the transaction made via the posted advertisement.

4. The Company shall be liable for any damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. directly or indirectly incurred by the user even if this service is temporarily suspended, canceled or changed in the following cases. I will not bear any responsibility.
(1) When this service is suspended or interrupted based on the provisions of Article 13.
(2) When the appropriate service cannot be received from the telephone company, shipping company or provider with which the Company has a contract.
(3) When there is a reason that our company cannot handle technically

5. The Company shall provide this service according to the registered contents of the user, and shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by errors in the registered contents.

6. When a user changes his / her own password, he / she shall verify his / her identity by the method specified by the Company, and the Company shall be exempted from liability unless there is an error in the method.

7. If the Company or a user causes any damage to a third party such as another user due to a breach of this agreement, this will be resolved at their own risk and expense, and the other party will not be liable for any damage. No damage, loss, disadvantage, etc. shall be given.

8. The Company shall incur all damages (mental distress or any other disadvantages including financial loss) caused by the use of this service (including the act of providing information by the Company). We shall not be liable unless there is intentional or gross negligence.

9. Even though we have taken reasonable safety measures, unauthorized access to data related to this site, computer virus contamination, and other fraudulent activities have been carried out, resulting in damage to users. In the event that it occurs, we shall not be liable for it.

10. Even if we are liable, our liability shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages.

11. The Company shall be able to change the contents of this service or discontinue the provision of this service without notifying the user, and shall not be liable for any damage caused to the user by this. ..

Article 14 Notification or contact

Notification or communication between the user and the Company shall be made by the method specified by the Company. The Company considers that the currently registered contact is valid and notifies or contacts the contact unless the user notifies the change in accordance with the method separately determined by the user, and these are notified or contacted at the time of transmission. It is considered that the user has been reached.

Article 15 Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations

The user may not assign the status under the usage contract or the rights or obligations based on this agreement to a third party or provide it as collateral without the prior written consent of the Company.

Article 17 Information management

1. We collect the following information regarding the user's access history in order to investigate the user's access history and usage status, or to improve the service to the user.
(1) Information about the IP address or the aircraft identification number of the mobile terminal when the user accesses the server of this service.
(2) Our company's cookie technology (a technology that temporarily writes data to the user's computer through a web browser and records and saves the date and time when the user last visited the site, the number of visits to the site, etc. ) User access information

2. The user acknowledges in advance that the use of this service may be restricted if the user makes settings to refuse cookies with a web browser.

3. The Company shall be able to delete comments and other information sent by the user without notice to the user at the discretion of the Company if any of the following items applies. increase.
(1) When it is recognized that the information clearly infringes the copyright or other rights of the Company or a third party, or damages the honor or credibility of the Company or a third party.
(2) When the Company receives a warning from the third party that the information infringes the copyright or other rights of the third party, or damages the honor or credibility of the third party.
(3) When it violates the law
(4) When an order is received from a government agency or other public institution based on legal grounds
(5) Other cases where it is deemed inappropriate for the operation of this service

4. The Company shall be able to refuse the user to access all or part of this service without any notice if the user falls under any of the preceding paragraphs.

Article 18 Governing law / jurisdiction

1. Japanese law shall be the governing law in interpreting this agreement. In addition, regarding this service, the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall be excluded.

2. If there is a need for a proceeding regarding this service, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance.

Article 19 Elimination of antisocial forces

1. The user assures us of the following items.
(1) You are not a gangster, a gangster-related company, a general assembly shop, or a person equivalent to these, or a member (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces").
(2) Do not allow antisocial forces to use their name or use this service for the benefit of antisocial forces.
(3) Do not use yourself or a third party to use threatening behavior or violence against the Company, or to interfere with the business of the Company or damage the credibility by using counterfeiting or power.

2. If a user violates the preceding paragraph, the Company shall be able to take measures such as account registration cancellation or contract cancellation and other measures stipulated in this agreement without any notice or notification to the user.

3. The Company shall not be liable for damages, compensation or any other liability for any damages caused by the measures set forth in the preceding paragraph. In addition, the user shall compensate for damages, etc. caused to the Company by violating Paragraph 1.


We will get back to you within 3 business days.
(Excluding weekends and holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, and long holidays)

* Inquiries may be recorded in order to improve the quality of user service.
Established in February 2022

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